Flow Club: elevator pitch and body language. Warsztaty i networking.

Date: 08.03.2023
Time: 17:00
Building: Gate A
O4 Flow, first floor
99 zł - for residents
99 zł - for non-residents


Elevator pitch, or how to speak briefly, specifically and authentically


What will you learn in the first part of the workshop?


Sometimes 2 minutes decide about your success, sometimes this success is many millions in your pocket. And no, this is not Amway training, nor is it learning how to sell pots. During the meeting, you will learn how to make a stunning first impression and how to turn small talk into the language of your life.

  • You will learn how to structure your short statement to maintain a clear structure.
  • We’ll talk about what’s important to the listener and how you can use it to make your message effective.
  • We will practice to make a clear statement as natural to you as breathing.


Who will conduct the workshop?


Błażej Gocałek. For 15 years, he has been associated with the world of large corporations, he has led projects in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Finland and Poland, and trains managerial staff from Asia, South America and Europe.


Body Language: Present Yourself With Class, Grace, and Confidence


What will you learn in the second part of the workshop?


You will learn how to calm your body and embrace stress in 3 minutes.

  • 6 calming breaths and 3 mobilising breaths
  • anchor, or a method to unlock the self-confidence you have and lose when you are overwhelmed by stress

You will get to know the so-called “power poses” – power poses that give courage before an important meeting.

You will eliminate the hunched position, push the chest forward and consciously take care of the micro-movements that will make you enter the meeting with grace and class.


Who will conduct the workshop?


Justyna Jakubczyk. A dancer in corporate business, she loves to appear in front of management boards, sell and do CX, i.e. designing customer experiences. Professionally, she detaches people from chairs, showing how the work of the body affects the brain and well-being



8 March at 17.00 – 20.00



O4 Coworking, Olivia Centre | Olivia Gate A building | O4 Flow – 1st floor


How much does it cost?

Join the Flow Club and take part in the meeting free of charge. How can I join? Sign up!


Or write to
and find out more.

  • Are you an O4rian? You can join the Flow Club for free!
  • Already in the Flow Club? Write an e-mail that you will be at the meeting!
  • You can also buy a one-time ticket and see if it’s something for you!








Max. Number of participants
O4 Flow/ O4 Coworking
Karolina Rymarczyk
Email: karolina.rymarczyk@oliviacentre.com
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