Building a personal brand on LinkedIn

Date: 19.10.2022
Time: 17:00
O4 Flow/ Olivia Gate A
49 zł - for residents
49 zł - for non-residents

[FLOW CLUB MEETING: workshop + networking]

If many people have told you that it’s worth going to LinkedIn and starting to act there, but you don’t know how to approach it at all – this meeting is for you! O4 Flow invites you to a workshop with Martyna Goździuk – a trust-building specialist, owner of a video marketing company.



  • you have heard many times that it is worth creating an account on Linkedin,
  • you believe in the power of a personal brand,
  • you want to become an expert in your industry, – build business relationships,
  • you want to gain interesting customers,
  • You want to open the door to otherwise hard-to-reach places, people and events.

This meeting is for you!


Meeting agenda


Module 1 Profile

  • What is LinkedIn today?
  • What and how can you use it for?
  • Where to start (profile construction)


Module 2 Content

  • What content to create on Linkedin?
  • Structure of posts
  • Rules to follow
  • Personal Profile vs. Personal Profile Letterhead


Module 3 Building relationships and sales

  • Daily activities on the platform (comments, networking, messages)
  • Savoir vivre
  • Ways to acquire customers
  • Q&A session


Who will lead?



Owner of ViBRAND, a video marketing company. He specializes in building trust. It helps small and medium-sized companies stand one step ahead of the competition and gain the attention of potential customers, employees or partners using video. She discovered LinkedIn in mid-2020 while looking for a job. It acquired its first client after 6 months of activity.

Since August 2021, he has been running his own company. Today, LinkedIn is her main source of customer acquisition. It has built a network of over 4000 contacts, receives an average of 3-4 inquiries per week and generated over 100 thousand. PLN of revenue from this channel for its services in the last 8 months.

He likes people and good stories.

See Martyna’s profile on LinkedIn


October 19 at 17.00-19.00



O4 Flow, Olivia Gate A, 1st floor
Olivia Centre, Al. Grunwaldzka 472 A


How much does it cost?

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