Become a buddy! Dołącz do projektu Buddy!

Date: 18.08.2022
Time: 15:00
Building: Four
O4 Coworking
Free - for residents
bezpłatne - for non-residents

We help our friends from Ukraine! Join the Buddha project!


What is the project about?

Buddy is a buddy – a guardian of a person from Ukraine. Its task is to support a specific person in what they currently need, depending on what they are struggling with. A friend is also a person with whom you can spend time socializing, go out for pizza, to the cinema, go for a walk, talk about various topics, and at the same time practice Polish and English. Kumpel is a guide that brings the Tri-City world closer. Life in Poland with a “buddy” by your side is simply to become easier.


Get to know your Buddy during speed friending

Speed friending is a type of social game in which participants are given playing cards with questions and are later paired based on the answers. Each meeting participant has 5 minutes to talk to the person. After this time, the tables are changed so that conversation is possible with everyone. This short time is to leave you unsatisfied, so that the interlocutors want to meet again. The goal is not only to get to know each other and make a “quick friendship”, but to start a longer relationship.


Speed friending will take place August 18 at O4 Coworking in the afternoon. Participants will be informed about the details by e-mail.


Who can apply for the project?

In addition to people who work in O4 Coworking and Olivia Centre, the following people can take part in the project:

  • residents of Gdańsk and the surrounding area who want to help and support the initiative
  • people of Ukrainian origin who currently live in Gdańsk and the surrounding area.


How to take part in the project?


Become a Buddy!

How to become a “buddy” for a person from Ukraine? Apply for the project and send an e-mail to
(limit: 12 places)


Find a buddy!

Are you a person from Ukraine and need support? Do you know someone who would like to take part in the project? Let him know! Apply and send an email to
(limit: 12 places).


We are waiting for applications until August 12.


REMARK! The number of places is limited! The order of applications counts. Details will be sent by e-mail to interested persons. If there are more volunteers, we will plan the next edition of the event.


Do you want to know more about the “Buddy” project? Want to get involved?
Do you have an idea?





[натисніть тут, щоб перейти до української версії]


Max. Number of participants
O4 Coworking
Olivia Centre
O4 Coworking
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Car wash
Scooter stands
Parking lots
Parking cash registers
Olivia Garden
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