Beach Volleyball Tournament. Zgłoś dwuosobową drużynę!

Date: 15.09.2022
Time: 17:00
Olivia Park
Free - for residents
bezpłatne - for non-residents

Beach Volleyball Tournament during Olivia Festival, 15 September!
REMARK! Register a two-person team to September 10!



We invite two-person teams to participate in the Beach Volleyball Tournament! All you have to do is grab a friend and write to, providing the name of your Team and the names of the players.



Want to know more? Read carefully:)


Here are the rules and matches of KING OF THE COURT



  1. Each team consists of two players.
  2. Each match will be played with a minimum of 3 teams.
  3. The start of the team on the winning side will be decided by a draw. The draw will not take place just before the start of the match. Each team chooses a card. The team that draws the King will start on the winning side, and the order of the other teams depends on the cards drawn. The first servers are the team that drew the highest card (the whole thing runs from the highest to the lowest).
  4. When a player registered for the tournament reports an injury before or during the tournament, the Organizer reserves the right to replace the injured player with another player.
  5. When a player is injured during a match, he can be looked after in the next zone and the match is not interrupted.



  1. The match takes place on a dimensional beach volleyball court. Each side of the pitch has its own set of colored lines. The gold lines indicate the winning side, the black lines are on the opponents’ side.
  2. The winning side is the only side where the team scores.
  3. The rival side is the side where teams challenge the winning side. When a team scores a point on this side, they switch with the “Kings” and now the team of former “Kings” goes to serve in the set order and tries to get to the winning side again.
  4. Each action begins with a serve on the side with black lines.
  5. The serving team has to decide each time which of the players will be the server. There is no order here, and there is no limit on how many times a player can make serves in a row.
  6. If the team on the winning side wins the action, it is added 1 point to the overall score and is guaranteed to stay on the winning side at least for the next action.
  7. If the team on the side with the black lines wins a point, it moves to the winning side.
  8. Points can only be earned on the “Kings” side.
  9. If the team on the “Kings” side loses the action, they leave the winning side and return to the opposite side of the net. They join the game in order.
  10. If the team on the losers’ side loses the action, they stay on the same side of the net, waiting for their turn.
  11. The maximum pause after the action is 8 seconds.
  12. Each action is played according to the rules of beach volleyball.
  13. Teams are not allowed to take time out during the match.



  1. If the team on the losing side spoils the serve, the winning side does not receive a point. The exception is to make three mistakes on the serve in a row, then the side of the “kings” gets a point.

When teams break three plays in a row, or a new team has entered the winning side, the pool of broken plays is wiped out to zero.

  1. In the last minute of each round, every mistake on the serve is counted as a point for the winning side.
  2. After each round played, the 1st team with the fewest points is eliminated.
  3. When we have 2 teams with the same number of points, the team that has been on the winning side longer moves on to the next round.
  4. The teams of the second and subsequent rounds are selected on the basis of the previous rounds. The team with the most points, starts the new round on the winning side. The team that achieved the second result will be the first team to serve, the team with the third result will be the next in the order on the serve.


Playing time:

  1. One match with 5 teams consists of three rounds.
  2. Each round lasts 15 minutes.
  3. After every 10 minutes of play, there will be a one-minute break. The clock showing the time will stop for one minute.
  4. The final round will be played up to 15 points, or 15 minutes as standard.
  5. A characteristic sound ( whistle ) will sound after the end of each round.
  6. If the sound appears in the middle of the action, you should play the action to the end and score a point according to the rules.





Max. Number of participants
Olivia Centre
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Car wash
Scooter stands
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Olivia Garden
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