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“Everyone has to discover their own pole. Then, all you need to do is to reach it”. 

Marek Kamiński

The beginning of every year is a time, when we set new goals, define plans and specify dreams we want to fulfil. In Olivia we believe that happiness is the sum of our experiences and a road, on which we have an opportunity to develop our potential and grow actively.

We would like to invite you to participate in a unique meeting, during which Marek Kamiński (a charismatic leader, traveller, philosopher and an outstanding personality in the world of sport and business), who chose Olivia as his foundation’s headquarters, will share his experience within the scope of creating happiness both in professional and personal life.

There will be also presented the elements of development programmes implemented by Marek Kamiński Foundation, which support the development of different social and professional groups, including managers and companies’ management staffs.

Everyone has their own pole, goal, dream, challenge. Whether we will take up a not always easy journey to reach it, depends on our motivation and engagement. Apole” can be something real – a specific place on the map, but also a desirable, but not necessarily defined state, for example freedom, happiness, fulfilment. Sometimes we lack motivation, faith in our potential, other times we have no idea what to do or everything around us seems to be against us.

During the meeting with the elements of workshops, the main principles of the Pole method, created by Marek Kamiński, will be presented. The method is the art of achieving goals based on the life experience of an outstanding traveller and writer. Its main function has several steps and takes place at different levels (for example setting goals, determining risk, visualisation, physical exercises etc.). However, it can be used at every level of our lives and involve the achievement of both personal and professional goals. It becomes a multidimensional and fascinating journey, which aim is to give our lives a unique value and to search for fulfilment and happiness.  Soft skills, which can be acquired using this method, become useful in our everyday life, at every step.

If you want to take up the challenge and set new goals in your life or determine new routes towards happiness: new job or development within the scope of business – participate in our meeting. The number of places is limited.

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Marek Kamiński: a traveller, polar explorer, entrepreneur. As a first person in the world he reached two Earth poles within one year without any help from the outside: on May23,  1995, together with Wojciech Moskal, he reached the North Pole and on December 27,  1995, he reached the South Pole alone.

Since 1996, Marek Kamiński Foundation has been helping sick children and youngsters overcome their barriers and fulfil their dreams. We organise workshops, camps and trips to give psychological support and show the opportunities, which are ahead of them. Charity projects aim to support the development of disabled children and the ones who suffer from especially burdensome and terminal illnesses, as well to make their dreams of normal life come true. We try to help them believe in themselves at any cost. We want to make them believe that what may seem impossible can become possible thanks to work and faith in success!


Organiser: Olivia Business Centre

Partner: Marek Kamiński Foundation


19 February 2018
18:00 - 20:00
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Olivia Business Centre


Olivia Sky Club (budynek Olivia Tower, 12. piętro)
ul. Grunwaldzka 472
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