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Game Night – Board Games

08:00 - 17:00

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Enjoy playing our O4 Coworking!

Come to us, take friends, take your favorite game 🙂

For our part, we offer:

Talisman: Magic and Sword (No. 1, the game of all time)

Trip to the land of dragons and magic! In this adventurous game, you’ll set out on a dangerous journey for the greatest treasure, the legendary Crown of Power. You play the role of a warrior, priest, sorcerer or one of the other eleven heroes wielding magic or sword. However, the path to the crown is treacherous …

Settlers from Catan

You are the first settlers to come to the island of Catan. You build the first settlements quickly and build the first roads. The surrounding areas provide you with the necessary raw materials for development. Trade is booming, and settlements are expanding into cities.
However, after some time on the island there is a lack of space – then the fight for land, raw materials and power begins. It’s time to implement your brilliant plan, hoping for a bit of luck!


Dixit is a cheerful and surprising game of associations to discover together among friends and family. Each player in his turn becomes a storyteller, chooses from among his 6 pictures one and comes up with an association to him, then the other players choose from among their cards the one that they think best fits the storyteller’s password. Taleswapper scores points if any player votes for the correct card. Although the game seems simple, unusual pictures can surprise you – coming up with an association that would not be too simple or too far away is a challenge. Check your and your loved ones’ creativity!


A classic game with very simple rules, but one that requires thinking! The layout is a bit like scrabble. It is based only on numbers, so it can be international;) ​​Rummikub is a game known for several years – often compared to a card rummy. It is a strategy game that involves getting rid of all the cubes with numbers from your table, putting on the table sequences or sequences of a minimum of 3 numbers. The most interesting is the possibility of interfering with already laid cubes. In your queue you can freely move and modify them, so as not to break the basic rule – a minimum of 3 cubes in sequence or string. Thanks to simple rules, the game is suitable for children and adults of all ages.


The basic, most popular version of the game in which “Every word counts”! The classic game of Scrabble consists of coming up with related words and arranging them on the board, in a manner similar to a crossword puzzle. The words should be made of tiles with words of different points value, and the one who scores the most points wins. The real challenge is to put words on the board fields where you can get a bonus and get the highest score! Scrabble is an excellent position for social gatherings – it requires concentration and quick associations, but older children can successfully play it. What’s more – Scrabble can be adapted to your needs and change the rules, depending on the idea!


In Acitvity, depending on the field on which we stand, we draw, tell or show. Activity is a game that allows you to demonstrate different forms of creativity. Passwords are presented to teammates graphically, in sign language or in the form of a description.

If a player is to present a graphic slogan, he cannot speak or make any gestures. The drawing cannot contain letters or numbers.
If he describes the entry in words, he cannot use the words contained in the entry in any grammatical form.
If it shows the password in blinking, it cannot make any sounds. Nor can it point to any items.
The game contains over 2500 passwords from various fields, and ingenious rules ensure dynamic gameplay.

Who is Janusz?

“Who is Janusz?” Is a fantastic social game in which Janusz will be your best friend! Your task will be to present together with Janusz as many passwords as possible in 45 seconds. In the game you will have the opportunity to play, among others, athletes, heroes of famous films and representatives of various professions. The task of the other players will be to guess what you are showing as soon as possible. The player or team with the most points after round 4 wins the game! And Janusz?


It’s a social game for people of all ages! This is a unique card game with which a six-year-old, high school student and an adult have great fun. This is a game where knowledge and skills are not important, but perceptiveness, concentration and reflexes! Dobble is 50 symbols placed on 55 cards. The cards are round and full of colorful illustrations of plants, characters and objects, each of which is unique and combines with other cards with only one symbol. The players’ task is to find identical symbols on two cards and to name them loudly before the other participants do.


23 September 2019
08:00 - 17:00
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