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Pomeranian Association of Employers Lewiatan is honoured to invite you on October 12th, 2017 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm to a training in Olivia Business Centre, Tower building, 12th floor, main hall, Al. Grunwaldzka 472A,Gdańsk.

The meeting will be held by Lucjan Śledź. He is one of the best trainers in the scope of planning of investment financing and analysing the effectiveness of investment projects.

Every investment entails a certain risk for an entrepreneur, management board and for an owner as well. Very often, such a risk is taken by guess, especially when we run a company from the very beginning and we know it by heart.

This short meeting, which we are offering you, will make it possible to take a look at the process of making investment decisions, starting with easy examples and finishing with advanced techniques.

It will be also an opportunity for reflection. Often, if we have enough time and listen about the issues which we are familiar with, we make decisions and we analyse the decisions we have already made.

Lucjan Śledź will guide us through the process of investment analysis, starting with establishing what we can call an investment, indicating the stages of investment’s life cycle and finishing with the analysis of an investment and its profitability. Through analysis of particular examples, we will become acquainted with the whole process.

The meeting also aims to show the importance of learning and coming back to some familiar issues. Lucjan Śledź will surely encourage you to deepen your knowledge and use analytical tools each day.

During the training you will have a chance to help yourself to some refreshments and exchange information and experience with other participants and our Guest. If you have any additional questions, please contact a person responsible for organisation of the training:

E-mail: biuro@pzplewiatan.pl and phone number: 512 024 313.

Participation in the meeting is free of charge.Please send your applications via e-mail (biuro@pzplewiatan.pl)


16 October 2017
08:00 - 17:00
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