It starts XNUMXrd edition Oliwski
Neighborly Budget!

The Oliwa Neighborhood Budget is a program initiated by Olivia
Center, supporting social initiatives of the inhabitants of Oliwa.
Funding under the program is awarded to projects implemented in the district, most often
by the residents themselves, and their choice is made by local community activists,
activists, city and district councilors who perfectly know the needs of the community.
The pool of funds allocated to the co-financed projects will amount to

18 thousands of zlotys

12 thousand donated by Olivia Center,
and 6 City Councilor from Oliwa, Andrzej Stelmasiewicz.
In previous editions, we managed to co-finance various areas of local activity,
but we don't stop there. Together, we create a durable and important platform for the people of Olivia
development of the place where we all live and work.

Submit your project to the Oliwa Neighborhood Budget!
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You have time until August 31, 2022.