What's on?

The entire week of sports activities for you!

We are all united by sport in Olivia, which is why we have prepared the entire week of sports activities for you. All events are free; choose your favourites or participate in all of them (because why not!).

At 12 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays – we get into Shape for the Summer. It is an active 30-minute-long break from work that boosts your focus, improves productiveness, and allows you to move all muscles in your body that got stiff from sitting.

>>Join us! We meet on the Olivia’s Patio.

At 6 pm on Tuesdays – we play beach volleyball on our own pitch! An experienced coach in charge, taking care of the technique and guaranteeing fun as well. Friends and family are welcome!

If you would like to play with your work team – give us a shout: komunikacja@oliviacentre.com. We will book the pitch just for you.

>>Our pitch is next to Olivia, in the park behind the Hala Olivia.

At 6 pm – we train running. Classes conducted by Radosław Dudycz, a marathon runner, Polish Championships medallist. Our goal is to improve our general fitness and to prepare for the autumn running events. Both beginners and advanced runners are invited.

>>Location: Gdański Stadion Lekkoatletyczny i Rugby (Gdańsk Athletics and Rugby Stadium)

At 5:30 pm on Thursdays – walking and cycling tours with the Grupa Rekreacyjna 3miasto. Join us if you like active recreation and would like to see the most beautiful places in the Tri-City! We offer a new route each week: we visit nearby lakes, Tri-City forests, cycle through valleys and hills. Our guides accompany us on our excursions, presenting history and legends about interesting places. Invite your family and friends and hit the road with us!

Get the entire program of our sports week. When can we meet?