Create Olivia. You’ve chosen the winning project!

You voted for one of the 3 projects selected by the Competition Committee from among several dozens of proposals made. The winner is…

a massage chair, proposal submitted by Agnieszka from Arrow!

2nd place: a solar bench
3rd place: an outdoor gym

We will allocate up to PLN 10,000 for the implementation of the winning project! The votes were cast via the My Olivia app (available on the App Store or Google Play). Read the descriptions of the three proposals below.

Column 2


Solar bench with a charger is an ecological piece of furniture with built-in photovoltaic panels. Panels make it possible to obtain solar energy that may be used to power Wi-Fi hot spots, heat the seat, power LCD screens, LED lighting or monitoring.


Massage chairs will help you reach a new level of relaxation. Massages improve your silhouette, alleviate spine pain and relax your muscles. They de-stress and relax.


Although outdoor gym will not give us such a range of training possibilities as in the case of fitness clubs, training outdoors has its unique charm. What is important, all the equipment included in the outdoor gym has a description of how to use it, so it is beginner friendly. Among the most popular equipment you will find:

Cross-trainer – will help you whip yourself into shape.

Stepper – will help you train leg muscles, burn fat tissue and build physical condition.

Rowing machine – classic device for legs and back training.

Bar pulled from the top – will help you engage upper muscles: shoulder girdle, latissimus dorsi muscle, trapezius muscle and biceps.

Twister – will remind you of the muscles you didn’t know they even existed.

Bars and gym ladders – using just your imagination and the force of gravity you can precisely train every muscle.




What do you need to know?

  1. Projects are proposed using THIS form.
  2. The form is to be sent to
  3. The deadline for submitting proposals is August 23rd.
  4. The Proposer must be a Resident of the Olivia Business Centre/employee of an Olivia-based company.
  5. All your proposals will be carefully analysed by a competition commission and on August 24 the commission will select 3 of the most interesting ones, each within a budget of PLN 10,000.
  6. Those 3 projects will be voted on by all Residents.
  7. You can vote via the My Olivia app, so download it today from the App Store or the Google Play.
  8. The vote will take place from August 25 until September 10.
  9. This way, you will choose one winning project and we will, just like that, make it happen!

NOTE! The author of the winning project will receive a truly great prize from us! Soon to be announced:)

Follow our screens, social media and our website. Maybe on your way to work, for breakfast, lunch or a sweet croissant, you’ll come across something out of the ordinary that will remind you that there’s only a moment left to propose a project to change the world, the one closest to you.

We are looking forward to your proposals!

The deadline for submitting proposals is August 23rd!