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Do you consider yourself a pioneer? Do you get excited about the future of data analytics, AI, and technology?
PredictX is a SaaS company designed to analyse, predict and automate critical decision making for businesses. With our integrative AI technology, companies can make tactical decisions to improve their strategies, policies and forecasts.
At PredictX, we take pride in creating a work environment that promotes invention, independence and transparency. Our social and 'open door' approach allows everyone to show initiative, be creative and collaborate across the business. Our team consists of valuable and knowledgeable industry experts who seek to push the boundaries of technology, data analytics and AI. 
PredictX wants inventors. We are looking for people with ideas and solutions to improve the way we do things. If you are a problem-solver, creator, and designer looking to expand your knowledge and responsibilities, talk to us!
Become an inventor and join our team.
We are looking for someone with experience working with Natural Language processing techniques to help us work on some of our current matching and modelling processes. We are also looking to add additional Natural Language generation functionality into our product in the near future.
As a core member of our Engineering and Data Science team, you will be responsible for helping to make our Data Science Applications a reality for our customers, productising these and making them available through our insights platform. Over the last 12-18 months we have made great strides in proving the value of the proof of concept and prototyping work that we have done, the next key step on our journey here is to integrate these directly with our underlying insights technology to bring data science models and applications to the core of how our clients run their businesses.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Participate in efforts to extend our data models for the business travel (and other) domains, including steps to normalise and curate data
  • Develop ways to monitor and measure data quality, in order to demonstrate the value of PredictX’s data consolidation capabilities
  • Find creative ways to generate value from existing data
  • Conduct research into new data processing and machine learning technologies, algorithms and techniques
  • Translate business needs to technical requirements
  • Ensuring that solid development practices, such as proper use of source control, full testing processes and automated deployment mechanisms are followed
  • Acting as a subject matter expert on all aspects of development. Identifying potential performance issues, bottlenecks and pain points and recommend new and creative ways to solve them.


Required Skills and Previous Experience:

  • 3+ years’ relevant experience
  • You have a quantitative background with a minimum 2:1 degree (BSc or MSc in a numerical subject) and experience doing research work in an academic or industry setting
  • You are proficient in statistical modelling and natural language processing techniques and can explain them to a non-technical audience
  • You have experience delivering commercial end-to-end data science projects
  • Understanding of data pipelines and wider data engineering concepts
  • High proficiency with Python, able to articulate coding best practices and Agile Software Engineering practices
  • Experience building unit tests and continuous integration to enhance robustness of code


Desired Skills:

  • Data deduplication with textual data, fuzzy matching and natural language processing techniques
  • Entity modelling in a domain-specific enterprise context
  • “Big data” technologies, e.g. Spark or Dask
  • Good working knowledge of Kubernetes  
  • Public Cloud computing platforms, such as Google Cloud Platform, Azure and/or AWS


Who you are:

  • You are self-motivated and prefer to learn by doing, failing and trying again.
  • You are a clear thinker who is comfortable explaining their thinking, discussing different approaches to a problem, and working collaboratively and creatively to identify new solutions.
  • You are a good communicator who is able to work directly with a wide variety of technical and non-technical team members - being able to communicate and persuade is of critical importance to this role.
  • You have a mature attitude to documentation, security and process–all of which are important and inform everything we do.