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Gdańsk and Oliwa – my place, my love. Meet the author session with Paweł Huelle

Olivia Business Centre together with Regional and Municipal Library in Gdańsk would like to invite you to the meeting with Paweł Huelle, a writer, screenwriter and playwright, author of a notorious "Weiser Dawidek". The author will present his fascinations with Gdańsk and Oliwa, contained on the pages of his latest books, for example “Śpiewaj ogrody” (2014) and “Ulica Świętego Ducha i inne historie” (2016). The meeting will be held on April 7 (Friday) at 6 p.m. in Olivia Sky Club (Olivia Tower building, 12th floor).

Entry is free. Due to the limited number of seats, please register to:


Paweł Huelle was born in 1957 in Gdańsk. He is a prose writer, poet and playwright. What is more, he is the author of many novels, short stories, film scripts, theatre plays, radio plays, essays and poems. He is incessantly bound up with Gdańsk, where he was born, where he was studying and where he works now.

He made his debut in 1987 with an iconic novel entitled “Weiser Dawidek”, which was hailed as a masterpiece and the best book of the decade. The novel – like in almost all author’s books – is set in Gdańsk. Since that time, the writer has come back in subsequent books to his “little homeland” – Gdańsk and its surroundings – and searched for mythical genealogy of this magical and forgotten world. Each of his books was a literary event. His credits include “Opowiadania na czas przeprowadzki” (1991), “Wiersze” (1994), “Pierwsza miłość i inne opowiadania” (1996), “Mercedes-Benz. Z listów do Hrabala” (2001), “Castorpa” (2004), “Ostatnia Wieczerza” (2007), “Śpiewaj ogrody” (2014) and “Ulica Świętego Ducha i inne historie” (2016). Paweł Huelle is a winner of many prestigious literary awards and his books are translated into many languages.

He describes himself as an easy-going person and is not a member of any political party. He bikes a lot, he likes whisky and conversations with everyone who likes to talk. He feeds homeless cats. He is a vice-president of Polish Pen Club. He is a playwright in Witold Gombrowicz Municipal Theatre in Gdynia. He is also an editor-in-chief of an artistic quarterly “Bliza”. 

The meeting will be moderated by Monika Bogdanowicz (Olivia Business Centre).

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