Olivia Business Centre

At the heart of business. In the heart of Pomerania

Olivia Business Centre is a prestigious and vivid business park located at the very heart of the Gdansk metropolitan area, immediately adjacent to the University of Gdansk. Today it provides 73 000 m2 of AA class office space, it is the largest business centre in Northern Poland.

Situated within the project there are over 200 companies, from multinational global corporations like Allianz, Amazon, Bayer, Epam Systems, Hays, PwC, Sii, ThyssenKrupp to national corporations, SMEs and startups. Catering for a wide range of dynamic business service providers. Olivia Business Centre Residents together create an unique community.

The Centre has been expanding regularly since 2010 and a new building has been added each year. The completed office buildings: Olivia Gate, Olivia Point, Olivia Tower, Olivia Four and Olivia Six, surround a patio with landscape, gardens and water features. In April 2015 the construction of the next phase, Olivia Star, commenced. Olivia Star is set to become the highest building so far constructed.

Maciej Grabski
CEO of Olivia Business Centre

Gdańsk is a great place to do business and to live. However, it needs new space where people and companies can develop their global potential. Now about 5 000 people work at Olivia Business Centre. We want to provide the best facilities and environment for dynamic and well educated people to continue their professional careers.
Maciej Grabski, CEO of Olivia Business Centre.

Olivia Business Centre offers office space from 10 to 100 to as many as 1000 or more square metres, with all offers being customised to suit individual company needs.

The buildings of Olivia Business Centre have been designed in order to ensure maximum flexibility in arranging the internal requirements, resulting in maximum development potential for the Residents. Most of the buildings are inter-connected so that space can be expanded without the need for troublesome and costly moving.

The buildings have been designed with a deep focus on environmental impact and all installations are in line with the latest energy mandates.

Everyday convenience and comfort for its community is at the heart of everything that Olivia Business Centre does, and with this in mind a whole range of services is close at hand not to mention over 2000 parking spaces.

The Residents of the Centre have access to such services as: acquiring funds for company development, support in staff recruitment, legal, accounting and tax consulting, marketing and ICT support. They have access to 4 conference centres, a medical centre, 3 restaurants, kindergarten and crèche, 4 banks, modern gym, Starbucks and Gorąco Polecam Nowakowski coffee shops, beauty salon, bakery, solicitor, electrical car charging point and many more.

We actively support our local society. Together with our neighbour, the University of Gdansk, we develop various projects that provide practical knowledge to students. Meetings with the local inhabitants cover a wide range of subjects, including construction works and traffic organisation. The Residents of OBC and the inhabitants of the districts of Oliwa and Zaspa meet every year at the Children’s Day event, a family fair organized by Olivia Business Centre. In 2017 the event was attended by almost 1000 people!

The team at Olivia Business Centre provides top class services with ultimate focus on complete satisfaction for our Residents, this includes employee well being, positive atmosphere and social responsibility.

Where passion becomes business

Innovation runs deep in the DNA of Olivia Business Centre. With this in mind, we created the innovation development space: O4. The objective of the project is to facilitate the birth and growth of new business. One of the key aspects is that startups and entrepreneurs can rub shoulders with established entities, thereby giving invaluable access to both.

What is O4?

O4 is a project that offers unique values for business at various stages of development. O4 is located on the first three floors of the Olivia Four building. On the ground floor there is a multimedia conference centre, with different sized rooms available for hire. On the first and second floors there are small and medium size office spaces, a social area including kitchen and coworking spaces with desks available for rent by the hour. The "4" in the name not only indicates the place, but also refers to the four pillars of the project, which is to support O4 residents in the following dimensions:

  • Funding
  • Expansion
  • Convinience
  • Education

Individuals and companies who will decide to locate their business in O4 can count on support in establishing networks at local and international level.

Join the O4 club to meet great people and to work in Olivia Business Centre!

Olivia Synergy

In 2013 the Olivia Synergy project was launched with the goal of integrating Residents at Olivia Business Centre. This is done using a wide range of activities and events, including an intercompany sports league, an onside Campus programme and cultural events that involve the wider local community. Olivia Business Centre collaborates with many regional academic institutions, in particular with the neighbouring University of Gdańsk.

"At Olivia Business Centre everyone can find a place for themselves and actively pursue their ideas. This is a result of collaboration with public institutions, universities and businesses. The business district that has been developed in Gdańsk-Oliwa as a result of the collaboration is a unique project. - Maciej Grabski, CEO.

Potential of the region

Key Facts:

  • 1,3 mln citizens
  • Strategic position in the centre of Europe
  • Developed infrastructure of land and sea logistics
  • Gdansk Lech Walesa International Airport
  • 100,000 students educated by Universities with advanced R&D facilities
  • Access to a huge talent pool within 1 hour travel time
  • Local government, universities, entrepreneurs and organizations cooperate to support business
  • Low costs of business activities
  • Active institutions who attendant and support investors